What’s in my Diaper Bag! 

Hi! As you noticed, yes I renamed my blog. I wanted something that was a little more personal and something that referred to my life » Faith & Mamahood. Today I am going to share what’s in my diaper bag for baby J. He is 2 months old, and these are products that I not only love, but are essential for a day out with our little man.

As for the bag, it’s designed by Fawn Design and I purchased mine in gray. I am in love with anything gray & this bag is the perfect hue of it! This diaper bag is gorgeous, obviously, and can transition from a shoulder bag to a backpack; win win. Fawn design typically sells out of their bags pretty quickly, but always have restocks regularly. I suggest getting one quick! 😬

First off, BOTTLES! No doubt is the most important. Jeremiah eats so much; he has been able to drink a whole 8oz at 7 weeks old. Maybe that’s why he’s gaining about a pound every week since his last pediatrician appt.. 😂

Next! Diapers, the second most important. Baby J goes potty a lot (definitely from all that milk) so I always have extra. My favorite ones for him are The Honest Company Diapers; they also come in the cutest patterns! & we also like the Babyganics diapers as well! We got so many diapers from our baby shower, so even though they aren’t orangic, you can bet we’re still going to use them. A clean baby bum is a happy one. 👍🏼

Along with that, wipes. For wipes I have no preference. But we have stocks of The Honest Company Wipes, Babyganics wipes, and all the other wipes you can think of. 😅 I’m definitely on the hunt for a cute wipe pouch, so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!!

Next product which I LOVE » Aquaphor Baby! I stand by this stuff, and it’s worked miracles for our babe. When he was born he is extremely dry/flakey skin and no lotions  worked for him. My mom actually was the one who told me that they had Aquaphor for babies (Jordan laughed because I am obsessed with Aquaphor for myself) so when I found that out we went and purchased! After using this product for literally a day, his skin was sooo smooth again! It can also be used for diaper rashes as well, even though Jeremiah hasn’t suffered from a diaper rash so far!

Next, swaddles. Jeremiah loves to be swaddled, I don’t swaddle him so much anymore since he is getting bigger and almost turning over. But I like to keep them in my bag for whatever reason needed. The one above is by Modern Burlap. They have such cute swaddles, changing pads and crib sheets all priced fairly affordable! My favorite swaddle is the cactus one! 🌵

Bibs. Bibs, bibs, & more bibs. J is a messy eater!! So we go through at least 4 bibs a day. My favorite ones are the bandana bibs! They’re too cute!

Onsies. I always have extra clothes in my bag for those “just in case” accidents. We haven’t had any yet (I’m probably speaking too soon 😅) but if and when they do happen, we always have a change of clothes for him. The plain white onsies are essential, and Jordan may be printing some baby onsies so stay tuned 😉

Other necessities found in my diaper bag are:

  1. The Honest Company Spray Hand Sanitizer
  2. A pacifier and pacifier clip
  3. Burp cloths
  4. Toys for Baby J
  5. A miscellaneous kit with just-in-case emergency items
  6. My iPhone
  7. My sunglasses » the Rayban Aviators
  8. My wallet

Thanks for visiting!

Xo, Miranda 💕

Fawn Diaper Bag found HERE » & its in stock! As well as their black and brown bags 👍🏼